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Reflecting on Anti-Reflective Coating

What is Anti reflective lens coating and how can I benefit from it? As light passes through your lenses most of it is refracted and transmitted through your eyeglass lens material, however some of the light is reflected. This reflected light is perceived by others as glare and represents a loss of light transmitted through to the eye. Reflected light may also bounce off the internal surfaces of the lens and be seen by the wearer as glare, blurred, or ghost images. The light reflected within an eyeglass lens surfaces (front and back) turns into distracting glare for the wearer. It impacts your vision negatively in a number of ways and also makes the glasses less cosmetically appealing. Have you ever seen a picture of someone wearing glasses and you could only see  the glare from the flash of the camera?  Or seen the glare on someone's lenses when they have a ring light pointed at them for a virtual meeting? Those are all examples of lenses without anti-reflective coating.

A woman wearing glasses with and without anti reflective coating

Light coming from back surface of a lens (closer to the wearer) will also undergo a certain amount of reflection. That light will be reflected directly back to the eye and can be a distraction to the wearer and further impair vision. For example, picture being outside on a bright sunny day wearing a pair of sunglasses. The bright sunlight can enter the space between the wearer and the lens from the sides. The light hitting the back surface of the lens, if not AR coated, can either be reflected directly back into the eye or can "fill" the lens with reflected light. Either case can result in significant vision impairment in spite of having a very dark tinted lens.

A demonstration of the benefits of quality lens coatings

There are many varieties of anti-reflective coatings A quality anti-reflection coating will have anti-static, oleophobic, and hydrophobic properties in addition to its ability to effectively reduce reflections across a broad range of light wavelengths. That in turn makes a much better experience for the wearer as the lenses will stay cleaner for longer periods of time and are easier to wipe clean when necessary

At Truly Eye Care we understand the importance of great optics. That knowledge drives the decision behind bundling all of our lens packages to include a high quality anti-reflection coating as well as full UV, and blue light protection. Please stop by our office or book an appointment online and we would be happy to give you a demonstration of our anti-reflection coating options and discuss it in more detail. 

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