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Updated: Dec 23, 2022

"I used to be able to read for hours without my eyes feeling tired, now I can't make it 20 minutes without feeling strained?" Our eyes undergo many changes throughout our lifetime. One of the most notable changes is when it becomes difficult to focus on small print at close range. This process is called presbyopia. Progressive lenses are most commonly prescribed to help compensate for this change.

What are progressives? By definition Progressive Addition Lenses (PALs) are eyeglass lenses with a seamless transition between areas offering multiple focal points. They become necessary over time as the natural lens in the eye loses its flexibility and cannot focus on nearby targets such as a phone, book, or computer. PALs are a single pair of lenses that can correct a patient’s vision at multiple distances i.e. distance (driving), intermediate (computer) and near (reading/phone). Not all PALs are created equally, and some have special features that an experienced professional can tailor to address specific needs. Manufacturers invest a tremendous amount of research to develop these incredible lens designs. Details such as the amount of lens area allotted to ‘computer distance’ vs ‘reading distance’, the eye and head position of the wearer when they are working, and even the surface area that their eyes need to cover based on occupation are all taken into consideration. For instance, an engineer or an architect may need a wider area for near work if they are at a drafting table whereas a stock broker or visual effects artist may need that wider area to observe multiple computer monitors. Both need great peripheral range but in different areas of the lens. These details are all taken into account when selecting the perfect lens to suit the wearer's needs. A licensed professional can make all the difference when trying to get the most out of your PALs. They are required to earn continuing education credits annually to maintain their license which means they have the most up to date and complete information on all options and how to properly use them.

At Truly Eye Care we are proud to offer Shamir brand progressive lenses. Their technology has served as the basis for many of the lenses available on the market today. Shamir progressive lenses are among, if not the most advanced in the world. Their Eye-point Technology™, a lens design optimization algorithm, can simulate exactly how the human eye will see through the lens by considering dozens of parameters. This technology allows Shamir’s lens developers to precisely predict and accommodate exactly where and how eyeglass wearers of different ages gaze through their lenses – across both vertical and horizontal meridians – optimally assisting them in the diverse tasks they need to perform under varying circumstances.

These advances in technology allow patients who were unable to adapt to PALs in the past to benefit from using them. Much like our phones have become tiny computers in our pockets capable of amazing things, our eyeglass lenses have become vastly more advanced capable of meeting multiple needs. If you have questions or are interested in finding out what PALs could do for you call our office at (407) 801-2477 or book online at

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